Dine with Dignity has created an adult bib which can make dining stress free, for people who have difficulty eating, or people with a disability and where spillages can be a problem.

Dine With Dignity ApronsEating, and the enjoyment of food and drink, is and always should be one of life’s pleasures. However, for some elderly people, or people with a disability, it can become a daily challenge. Dine with Dignity has been created to meet a real need in the care sector.

Many medical conditions can cause difficulty with the physical act of eating, cutting food into bite-sized pieces, holding cutlery, and successfully getting food from a plate into the mouth. Drinking can be equally as challenging. It is so important to ensure that the experience of eating and drinking is a pleasurable one and that all issues are addressed in as dignified way as possible.

  • Take the stress from dining
  • Protect clothing from spillages
  • Save carers time
  • The adult bibs are made of 6oz double layer polycotton
  • ¬†Absorbent
  • Washable

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